RIFT agents and allies

RIFT (Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology) is an organization that protects all Earths from the dangers of unregulated interdimensional travel. Special agent Zahra Sinclair can count on several of her fellow agents to help her solve any case that lands in front of her.


Zahra Sinclair is a young and capable agent of RIFT, who loves exploring worlds all over the multiverse and helping their people. Curious and thorough, she always follows every lead to the end in her investigations.

Zahra was born in an ordinary Earth of little interest, which she rarely visits due to her family’s disapproval of her joining RIFT.


Skip Hollister is Zahra’s best friend, a trustworthy partner in her missions for RIFT.

Skip comes from a market planet that has long known interdimensional travel. It's one of the worlds that RIFT applies fewer restrictions to, an Earth full of people from different dimensions.


Dr. Sam Squatch, Ph.D. is the director of RIFT's Science, Physics, and Engineering Research division (SPHERE).

Sam hails from a dimension rumored to have been one of the first to develop interdimensional travel. His kind is known to make brief appearances in other worlds, leaving behind only their footprints.


Valery Wiseheart is in charge of RIFT agents and assigns their missions.

Valery's Earth is ocean-covered, with no landmasses. Species such as merfolk, sea camels, anglerfishers, and the evil Dolphin Empire inhabit it.


Sorgina DeLabourde has been Director General of RIFT for at least two centuries.

Some say she is from an Earth covered in perpetual darkness and unstable portals, where horrifying creatures await their chance to travel to other worlds to feed on the living. It's probably not true. Probably.


Dash Sterling is a former RIFT agent who now occupies a managing position as Assistant Director.

Dash is originally from an Earth not unlike Zahra’s, but less developed. Technology such as digital electronics hasn’t been discovered yet.


Helena Lycastia is an amazon warrior hired by RIFT as head of its correctional facility security.

In Helena's Earth, Mythaca, the amazons from her native Themiscyra have long been at war with the mage knights of Atlantis.


Sprout Ironbulk manages the training installations in RIFT HQ, and makes sure all the agents are fit!

Sprout blossomed in a green, floral world where plants evolved into sentient bipeds. Peaceful creatures who find solace in meditation, contemplation and the training of mind and body.


Ada Lovepaws is an expert on computers and digital media who works as Lead Cyberneticist.

Ada is a child prodigy whose laptop connects simultaneously to the Internets of a thousand worlds. She is a native of Felina Septimia, one among many Earths ruled by cats.


Dr. Freya Gronnalva is RIFT’s lead metabiologist, an expert on lifeforms from a variety of dimensions.

Freya is a green elf from Dagrhelm, a world covered in mysterious mists and changing geography. She cares deeply about protecting the environment and life from each world.



Agent Pineapple is a stealthy and charismatic man, one of the best active RIFT agents.

Due to his current assignment as an undercover agent, access to more information about him has been restricted.


V"!!k}~X travelled through a spontaneous portal and terrorized an entire city, unaware of what was going on. He’s now being held in RIFT’s detention cells.

V"!!k}~X comes from Zuggoth, an Earth where everyone has many eyes, mouths and tentacles.

Enemies of RIFT

There are many who oppose RIFT. These interdimensional villains will be a thorn in Zahra’s side while she tries to protect her friends!


A mysterious person with a cloak and a mask, who might be the greatest threat RIFT has ever faced...


Ripjaw is a warrior who leads a gang of raiders in the Reptarrian wastelands.


Hancho is the chairman of the Seven Clans, the mafia that runs the Funderdome.


A mysterious Zahra Sinclair from a different dimension, who is planning some kind of revenge against RIFT.

Multiple Earths

There are different Earths in different dimensions. Sometimes they are slightly different, sometimes radically so. From their headquarters in the Extraverse that connects all dimensions, RIFT scouts find portals to these Earths and use them to travel to them and protect them.


A mysterious nexus dimension that connects all others. It’s a dangerous world full of weird energies that emanate from spontaneous portals. This is where RIFT has established its headquarters.


Reptarria is a world where dinosaurs didn’t go extinct and developed a whole civilization. Recently a cataclysmic event turned the world into a barren, resource-strapped wasteland where Ripjaw's gang are a constant threat.


The Funderdome is an Earth where robots overthrew all humans. Not knowing what to do afterward, they turned it into a planet-wide, neon-colored pleasure palace for visitors from other dimensions.


An uninhabited Earth full of strange, viscous substances. RIFT has several scientific reserach facilities, but as of late many of them have been attacked by hordes of hostile goo-like monsters.

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