The Crew


Unai Cabezón
Technical and Narrative Director
You enter a dark room in the middle of the Basque Country. You find Unai, the Dungeon Master, glaring maliciously at you. You roll for Gathering Information. "You pass the check," he says, and tells you about his Computer Engineering background. He also tells you he loves collecting and reading comic books, but he doesn't tell you which ones because you didn't roll high enough. You leave the room enlightened, but kinda irritated, to be honest.


Marty Kugler
Technical Director
The AI Marty wrote to do his job as Technical Director became self-aware at 2:14 a.m. EDT, August 29th 2010. In a panic, the company tried to pull the plug, but not Marty. Marty now spends his free time playing guitar and building elaborate cosplays. The AI declared war on mankind on April 19, 2011. Marty is pretty proud, considering he spent his time in Carleton University's Computer Science program developing AI. After the apocalypse he intends to catch up on his Payday ranking.


Dan Rodrigues
A composer, sound designer and multi instrumentalist who loves every style of music but also spends time searching for the unknown. Dan mixes a mad science approach with a keen understanding of the traditional to uncover a unique sound for every project. Simply put... He puts the zazz in pizazz. Dan wrote his own bio


Justin Fernandes
Level Designer

Justin studied 3D modelling and game design in Toronto before becoming a co-founder and level designer at 13AM Games. He loves reading, going to the movies, listening to music, and flexing at himself in the mirror. He was also once the ruler of a small, southern island tribe for three months. To hear more about Justin, select "Yes" in your dating profile below.


Aaron Kwapisinski
Art Director
Have you ever eaten a steak salad on the Bifrost? Aaron has. Do you have 15+ years experience as an advertising art director, graphic designer and brand consultant? Aaron does. Do you love watching movies? Alright, bad example. Were you born in Toronto and whisked away to the steel city of Hamilton, only to return to The Beaches at the dawn of the new millenium and spend the last two years learning UI and UX design and roughing it outdoors? Aaron did. Aaron: You bet he's done it.


Shawn Fraser
Art Lead
A wild Shawn Appears! Shawn uses... "3D Art Background." It's super effective! You use... "Require New Skills for Runbow." Shawn uses... "Learn 2D Art." It's super effective! You use... "Anime." Shawn is distracted! You use... "Mild Street Fighter Skills". It has no effect. Shawn uses... "Incredible Street Fighter Skills" and "Get uncomfortably hyped about stuff" It's super effective! You fainted! Still, Shawn helps you get back up.


Thomas McCall
Lead Designer

Tom? Tom's from Sudbury, of course. Everyone knows that! No, no he didn't go work in the Nickel mines, he pursued a career in Civil Engineering, which of course is the first step you need to take before you can enter the world of Game Design and co-founding a game company. Obviously. Any fool knows that. Also, a moose once bit his sister... no really!


Lucas Takashi
Art Director
Takashi hails from the deep, treacherous forests of Brazil alongside his pet monkey, Baloo. It was there that he did the least treacherous thing imaginable and learn Illustration, Voice Acting, Graphic Design and Industrial Design, before coming to Toronto to study Game Design. When he's not playing video games, he's usually playing video games, training for the day that he can finally get above Ranked Diamond 2 in League of Legends. Baloo, he is ashamed to admit, is Diamond 1.


Alex Rushdy
"These are the facts about Alex Rushdy that 13AM Games doesn't want you to see. Number 3 will surprise you!"
1. Alex was born and raised in Fort McMurray, AB. I guess that's why he's so chill. 2. Alex has a background in Visual Art and Design. Whoa Alex, save some of the talents for us! 3. Alex loves Kaiju. Movies are so interesting! 4. Alex loves learning how to cook and hitting the gym. Hey Alex, save some of the muscles for us!