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Runbow Pocket brings the Wii U game that you know and love to the New Nintendo 3DS™ via Nintendo eShop™. Runbow Pocket features over 145 single-player challenges, 4-player online multiplayer and of course, our biggest single player challenge... The Bowhemoth!

Runbow Pocket Deluxe is now available at select retailers. Jam packed with content, the Deluxe versions of Runbow will include the original game and all of the DLC. In addition, Runbow Pocket Deluxe includes 4 exclusive 3DS Home Screen themes.


Developer               13AM Games Inc.

Genre                     Party / Action / Platformer

Release Date         June 20 2017 (3DS, NA, EU, AU)

Platforms              New Nintendo 3DS, New                                               Nintendo 2DS

Players                   1-4 Online

Runbow Pocket
Deluxe Edition      $39.99 CAD, $29.99 USD
Runbow Pocket
(on eShop)               $15.99 CAD, $14.99 USD, € 13,99

                EUROPEAN RATING:  PEGI 3 (UK)

              EUROPEAN RATING: PEGI 3 (UK)