What We're All About

Three years ago we were a bunch of guys obsessed with video games, labouring in a small, sweaty room with no windows, screaming at each other and laughing our heads off.

We started our own company and not much changed (except the office).

We challenge each other every day, we take pride in what we do, and we like the company we built. This crazy office is our home, and we are a team.

We don’t “sell products,” and we don’t “start projects.”  We make games.


What We're Looking For and What to Expect

For all jobs that we have posted, the most important thing is that you fit with our team. We’ve got a bunch of wild personalities in here, so what do you bring to the table? Are you quiet? Opinionated? Funny? Really allergic to stuff? Super excited about spreadsheets? We want to fill our office with people that work well together and love making games. Regardless of who you are, you MUST be ready to:

  • Be a self-starter: We work in an Agile environment. That means we take it on ourselves to tackle the work that needs to be done without being told what to do on a moment-to-moment basis. We’re not going to hold your hand, but it’s because we believe in you. You can do it.
  • Demonstrate Game Knowledge: We are crazy about games, but we all love a wide variety of things. One of our core strengths is our diverse experiences and backgrounds, and we want you to make it even more interesting. The best game ideas often come from other sources of inspiration and lots of collaboration, so bring your passions to work. We’ll let you put posters up if they’re cool.
  • See Things Through: Hey, you made it this far!



  • Wear Many Hats: We’re a small team, and we take pride in our ability to handle anything that gets thrown our way. Are you flexible with your skill sets and what you’re ready to work on? Good. We like to get things done, and everyone has to pitch in on different parts of the game from day to day.
  • Be Team Focused: As a part of our team you will be working directly with artists, designers, programmers, sound engineers, and of course, the dreaded producer. You should understand their workflow and be able to talk with them about yours.
  • Solve Problems Creatively: Things break... a lot. It's in the nature of making games and something you should be prepared for. Don’t panic! We're looking for someone who can tackle issues from a variety of angles.
  • Learn Continuously: We keep our tools sharp, and you should too. Our industry is constantly changing and taking leaps, and we want self-improvement to be one of your goals. You like video games, right? Level up your skills! 

Current Openings

NOne at this time


The Hiring Process

So you've read through who we are, what we're looking for, what to expect, and our current openings, and are just itching to throw your hat into the ring eh? Glad to hear it! The process is pretty straightforward but we wanted to fill you in so you can prepare.

  1. Submit your resume, cover letter, and a link to your portfolio following the Application Format below.

  2. Wait to hear back from us. We will take some time to gather all applicants, sort through and select interview candidates. We get we will only be contacting successful applicants.

  3. The interview process will vary based on position. We are looking for skilled individuals that will be a great cultural fit. As a result, you will likely meet several members of the company including: our Producer, our HR director, and members of the team you'll be joining.

  4. Relax, be yourself. We're pretty easy going guys and not even remotely intimidating. Don't wear a suit. Unless suits are your thing. Then ROCK a suit.

Application Format

Send the following to jobs@13amgames.com with the subject line of THE POSITION YOU ARE APPLYING FOR - YOUR NAME

  • Your resume up-to-date (PDF preferred)
  • A cover letter explaining why you want to work for 13AM Games and what makes you great fit for our team (PDF preferred)
  • A sample of your portfolio (web-based preferred)