Creative Director
Alex Rushdy

Lead Designer
Thomas McCall

Level Design
Justin Fernandes

Producer & Audio Director
Dave Proctor


Technical Directors
Marty Kugler
Unai Cabezón


Art Director & Animator
Lucas Takashi

Art Director & UI Designer
Aaron Kwapisinski

Lead Artist
Shawn Fraser


Music Composed by
Dan Rodrigues and Dave Proctor

Music Mixing
Marcus Huyskens

Voice Recording & Combat Foley
Eric Bourque

Voice Actors
Tahirih Vejdani
Alex Rushdy
Will the Coffee Shop Guy User Credits

Owl, HerbertBoland, diluent_, spenceomatic, CGEffex, esperri, mmaruska, dansotak, PrimeJunt, Pringel, zmb94, samararaine, unfa, vincent sermonne, FreqMan, ricemutt, NoiseCollector, antistatikk, hyo, ProjectAkain, nebulousflynn, reinsamba, sethlind, Streety, gkillhour, adcbicycle, digifishmusic, ElfmanRox, UncleSigmund, agentdd, thedapperdan, k1m218, northern87, juryduty, keweldog, thecluegeek, sergeeo, estlacksensory, glaneur de sons, Jankoehl, lmbubec, cosmicembers, robertvoice, adam_n, duckduckpony, zangrutz, smcameron, leandros.ntouni, ertfelda, tomlija, benboncan, nextmaking, sandyrb, corsica_s, speedygonzo, mrmccormack, zesoundresearch, luffy, hollowriku, wildebrasje, freesound, sagetyrtle, clruwe, leosalom, room, usinggarageband, ekokubza123, ingudios, chanhun, spukkin, rockwehrmann, sandyrb, adrenalites, sorohanro, ebison, justkiddink, denischapon, davepape, deraj, antumdeluge, vrodge, thanvannispen, snaginneb, primeval_polypod, bennychico11, drminky, walter_odington, aut_paul, jobro, ibi, xenon, qubodup, Jamius, Jaylew1987, softcoresoft, Hamface, promete, NoiseCollector, gneube, lendrick, enochrooted, simmfoc, dethrok, Tomoyo, Ichijouji, sribubba, theshaggyfreak, bone666138, joedeshon, Jagadamba, kafokafo, ramicio, BMacZero, husky70, sheepfilms, conradts, Efecto Fundador, KennethColyer, arnaud, coutancier, RutgerMuller, SoundsOdd, sophiehall3535, Trebblofang, AMPUL, beejeeb1314, FreqMan, melissapons, Adam_N, OwlStorm, matucha, OwlStorm, Bosk1, kangaroovindaloo, JoelAudio, laft2k, P, rickLieberkind, dickspiritmasterunit, Zabuhailo, Joao_Santos, myluckyfeet, KeyKrusher, Robinhood76, YleArkisto, Halleck, bone666138, adcbicycle, zimbot, Deganoth, bubaproducer, CuddleNucks

whether or not your sounds made it into the final mix, you helped us figure out where we were going. thank you.

public relations

Alex Van Lepp and Alex Josef for VIM Consulting


Bob Tarantino
Andre Garber
Dentons LLP

special guests

Shovel Knight is copyright Yacht Club Games, LLC.
Juan and Tostada are copyright of Drinkbox Studios.
CommanderVideo and CommandgirlVideo are copyright Choice Provisions.
Scram Kitty is copyright Dakko Dakko Ltd.
Hyper Light Drifter is copyright HeartMachine Games.
Gunvolt is copyright INTI Creates Inc.
A.R.I.D. is copyright Over The Moon Games.
Teslamancer is copyright Rain Games.
Max and XeoDrifter are copyright Renegade Kid. 
Swifte Thornbrooke is copyright TOO DX.
Clone is copyright of Curve Digital.
Princess is copyright of Frima Originals.
Rusty is a copyright of Image & Form Games.
Unity-Chan is a copyright of Unity Technologies.
Freedom Planet © GalaxyTrail, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Lilac © Ziyo Ling.
Shantae created by Matt and Erin Bozon. Shantae voice by Cristina Vee. Special Thanks to WayForward

nintendo of america

Alex Palomares
Damon Baker
Mark Griffin
Steve Singer
Anna Secreto
Jaime Stemmerman
Carly Stokke
Vincent Chon
Kaori Yagi
Amy Li
Irena Cranston
Kirk Scott

Andrew Shurney
...and everyone we missed! We couldn’t have done this without you!

japanese localization & publishing (日本語)

Toshiyuki Nagai
Yoichi Higashi
Minako Mori
localization by CrossFunction Ltd.

... and thank you to everyone at ncl

Nintendo of Europe

Christopher Heck
Ed Valiente
Manuela Patano

...and everyone at NOE!


Native Prime and GameScribes

george brown school of design
and the digital media and gaming incubator

Luigi Ferrara
Elise Hodson
Trent Scherer
Alice Lee
Jean-Paul Amore

our advisors

Jean-Paul Amore
Adam Clare
Brad Furminger
Wojtek Kawczynski
Nicholas Packwood
Daniel Posner

very special thanks

Amgad and Janice Rushdy
Mr. and Mrs. McCall
Mr. and Mrs. Proctor

Thanks to our families and friends

Jillian Harris and Eva, Dan, and Nicole Proctor
Amgad, Janice, Anna and the whole Rushdy crew
John, Sherrill, and Kyle McCall, Patricia Lee-Kim
Fritz, Antra and Natalie Kugler
Xabier Cabez
ón, Mari Paz Lumbreras and Estitxu Cabezón
Karen, Tony, Kristen and Ryan, the whole Fernandes & Wessel families, Rebecca Costa
Lenita Maria Stankiewicz, Carlos Koike, Gabriel Koike and the Dandão family
Sherine, Stanley and Sharon Fraser
Biruta, Stanislaw, and Zen Kwapisinski, and the whole Kwapisinski/Moruss Clan


Chris Stevens, our brother
Nintendo, for believing in us
Kim Gibson and the Ontario Media Development Corporation
Agnes Zak and the Canadian Media Fund
Ben, Jesse, Stef, Stef, Steph, and everyone at Gaming Show (In My Parents Garage)
Colin, Greg, Nick, and Tim at Kinda Funny
Randy Orenstein
Toronto Global Game Jam
Sarah and Every1 Games
Zach Huntley and Unity Japan

Nathan Vella
Mike Sandercock
Mike Doucet
Cary Walkin

Dan, Dan, Brandon and Paul at Finish Line Games
Drekken and LANation
Level Up Toronto Showcase
John-Paul Caldwell and Stage Select Gaming Expo

Gamercamp (R.I.P.)
The Students of George Brown College Game Development Program

Additional Concept art by Chris Stevens

This game was made possible by the OMDC and the CMF

FIGS, for keeping the team fed
Tandem, for making us go on walks
Jay, who is.



This work of fiction was designed, developed, and produced
by a multicoloured team of various tones and hues.