Hey guys, Alex here from 13AM Games making our (belated) first tumblr post about our game Runbow. Here is our newest trailer for the game.

What makes Runbow unique is how it treats color. You see, each platform you jump on is colored and those same colors are constantly swiping through the background. If a platform color and background color matchup, the platform ceases to exist! So if a blue platform sits on a blue blackground, that blue platform is gone! I’ll detail how it works in a later post.

For now, I’ll just list out some of the features of Runbow that we will talk about in future posts:

- 8-player local multiplayer. (Yes, 8)
- Hundreds of levels.
- Character costumes.
- Unique color mechanic
- Multiple game modes
- Unlockables
- Single-player
- Power-ups

… and much more!

Stay tuned!

Alex Rushdy
Creative Director
13AM Games